Investor Highlights

logo1.jpgClassy Boombox Replacement Sounds Great and Attracts Crowds Everywhere!

The patented Flashback Speaker Window is a unique product that allows stereo speakers to be installed in the rear window of most compact and full-sized pick-up trucks. The product replaces the original flat factory rear glass window with a highly engineered, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate material which meets the safety requirements of the Dept. of Transportation...the same material used in aircraft windows and bullet proof glass. The Flashback Speaker Window is custom molded for a precise fit and provides a sleek, smooth aerodynamic look that adds style and attracts crowds due to its unique installation. In addition to being a stylish design-enhancing feature for the vehicle the Flashback Speaker Window provides a highly efficient stereo speaker enclosure which provides high quality stereo unobstructed sound reproduction at ear level within the interior cab space of the truck. By utilizing the Flashback Speaker Window the need to allocate precious interior space for large speaker enclosures (i.e., "Boomboxes") within the cab is eliminated.

New, Patented Auto Audio Accessory Is a Trade Show Hit!

We have shown prototypes of the Flashback Speaker Window at various auto trade shows in 1996 and the product has received rave reviews, including over 15,000 inquiries for dealer interest and offers to buy the prototypes off the showroom floor. Interest comes from all corners of the globe including consumer retailers like Circuit City, Wal Mart, and PEP Boys.

Over 11 Million People Could Use This Product If They Only Knew About It!

America's love affair with cars has evolved into a love affair with light trucks which muscled cars out of the top three spots in the United States last year. Light trucks have captured 41.5% of the US vehicle market and according to Automotive News about 2/3 are used for non-business purposes which means that there are 11.5 million vehicles in the non-work, light pick-up market. Every one of these vehicle owners could use the Flashback Speaker Window to enjoy better sounding music and increase the resale value of their truck.

Nationwide Marketing Channel Rollout Planned This Year!

We will market its products using stocking wholesale dealers, manufacturer's representatives, retail stores, and directly to the end user. It will also retail its products through specialty audio accessory and light truck accessory outlets, major consumer electronics retailers, and new and used vehicle dealerships.

Proprietary Manufacturing Process Lowers Cost, Increases Quality, Improves Looks and Meets Government Specs!

Our proprietary injection molding process with custom-made tooling utilizes a contract molder whose clients include Chrysler Corporation and Ford Motor Company, both quality conscious customers. Our contract calls for molding, packaging and warehousing by the molder to lower costs and ensure product uniformity and efficient delivery. We had the Department of Transportation issue its own DOT number 569 for meeting Federal safety requirements.

Management Team Experience Enhances Competitive Advantage

Management team members include the product designer, an audio electronics executive, the CEO of the contract injection molder, a car audio retail store owner and a CPA with Arthur Anderson experience. Each member brings their unique experience to the company and amalgamates their efforts into a synergistic team guided by the vision of the CEO and company founder.