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What You Get:
Speaker Window
Butyle Tape Sealer
(4) Port Covers
(2) Foam Ports
Installation Video
Installation Instructions





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 Recommended Tools & Equipment for Encapsolated Window

* Razor Knife or Cut-out tool for removing original glass. The manufacturer recommends the pneumatic cut-out tool for fast and safe glass removal. The pneumatic cut-out tool is operated by an air compressor. The electric cut-out knife is also recommended. With either of these tools they are especially designed for urethane cut-out. Alternate methods include: Piano wire (requires two people); or knife (requires applying a great deal of force to cut urethane, and removal or interior trim).
* Protective eye goggles
* Work Site, Hand Cleaner
* Tape: 1/2" wide masking tape for installation, and 2" heavybody duct tape for vehicle protection.
* 5/16" Butyle tape sealer (supplied)
* 3/16" Drill bit and Drill
* 3/8" Wrench or Socket

Gasket Design Removal

Removing Origanal Glass
Peel the inside of the gasket corner into the window opening, while applying gentle pressure outward. Glass will release from truck opening with gasket in place. Although glass breakage is unlikely, safety glasses should be worn.




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